Welcome to my website! Thank you for taking the time to check me out!
I am a freelance photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I started my business in 2020 but my passion for photography and story telling I've loved since I can remember.

I am so grateful for what this career path has taught me and how its grown me. I have a passion for people and for capturing the natural beauty that makes you, you!
It is such a gift that I cherish with every session I do. :)

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Some fun things about me...

  • I am an open book. I love connecting with people on any level, being real and learning from your stories because we all need one another <3.
  • I love Star Wars and Disney. Any chance I get to go to Disney World or Land you better believe I will take it...
  • I am an Enneagram 7 or The Enthusiast (makes sense why I love weddings so much). Some words that describe a 7, optimistic, adventurous, fun, explorer!
  • I've always grown up in the great PNW so naturally I love the outdoors and all of the natural beauty Washington has to offer. Hiking and exploring with camera in hand is always something I love to do.
  • I love my family! And not too long ago it got a little bigger! I recently married my wonderful husband on the 4th of July!<3
  • I have traveled quit a bit in my life already including Ecuador, Israel and the British Isles but I am definitely anxious to always explore and experience more!