the story of hattie ann

Thats me! Ann is my middle name, I share it with my grandmother. I am a freelance photographer based in Seattle, Washington. I have always loved photography and the magnitude a single photo can hold. I started getting more into it when I would shoot events at my church (Concerts, gatherings, youth events. etc) and I just loved how I could use my camera to tell a story.

I am so thankful for the people thought my life that noticed my interest in it and wanted to see me grow. The provided so much support and encouragement and i had people coming to me booking shoots just to help me get the experience i needed and build a base which has lead me to here!

When Im not behind the camera, I love to make coffee! Spend time with my family, husband and friends. Go on different hikes and adventures. And be involved in the wedding industry!

photo by: Sara Lucero

Some fun things about me...

  • I love Star Wars and Disney. Any chance I get to go to Disney World or Land you better believe I will take it ;)
  • I am an Enneagram 7 or The Enthusiast (makes sense why I love weddings so much). Some words that describe a 7, optimistic, adventurous, fun, explorer!
  • I've always grown up in the great PNW to naturally I love the outdoors and all of the natural beauty Washington has to offer. Hiking and exploring with camera in hand is always something I love to do.
  • I love my family! And not too long ago it got a little bigger! I recently married my wonderful husband on the 4th of July!<3
  • I have traveled quit a bit in my life already including Ecuador, Israel and the British Isles but I am definitely anxious to always explore and experience more!

Our Wedding!

photos by: Sara Lucero


Kristin & Bryce

Our experience with Hattie was amazing! She is super sweet and was very good at directing us on how to pose. Our wedding photos turned out better than we had even hoped. They even made us cry a little while going through them. The price is on point and Hattie delivers! We highly recommend Hattie for your photography needs.

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